The next Smallfires event will be on Saturday 4th February at 7pm. The venue is STK (St Thomas Church, Kendal).

It’s going to look a little different. I’ll be speaking and sharing some ideas around the theme of ‘Think Church’. There will be good coffee and conversation.

Hope to see you there.

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I’ve hit a wall. It’s painful, but it’s an opportunity to grow… start. Re-imagine.

I’ve realised that the problem isn’t me, the problem is always just the problem. You can step back and move forward with fresh perspective.

It feels like God intended for us to wrestle with life in this way… beauty born out of chaos and then art found in the constant struggle of trying to capture the moment.

The more scared we become, the more convinced we should be about keeping going. The greater the resistance, the greater the importance. Momentum is everything. So what’s missing?


Credit > This post was partly inspired by ‘The War of Art’ by Stephen Pressfield.

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Starting something creates the possibility of failure. Most ideas fail or break, most initiatives don’t work.

Change is powerful but comes with failure guaranteed. I believe that failure is OK – as long as you start.

Jesus started. He turned up, he initiated and got involved. I want to be more like Jesus. If we’re not making or being the difference it’s probably because we’re afraid to fail. I want to be someone that starts. I want to be part of a generation of church that starts.

Here’s the idea – it’s probably not perfect (it doesn’t need to be – it’s a start!) — encounter God/be changed/be equipped/be engaged within the local church.

Let’s start.

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