What are we generating, in the here and now, and for the future, with our words and our actions?

What kinds of words are we speaking – to others, but also to ourselves, in our own heads?

Our words have impact. Psychologically and emotionally, spiritually even. We can crush or build up.

Our actions and behaviours have a resonance. They influence others in the here and now, and for the future. As we interact with one another we create a culture. This happens around us all the time.

How about if we decide to be intentional about it, what kind of culture do we want to create? What might we choose to speak and say in order for aspects of that intentional culture to develop?

What changes do we want to see in the world around us? What are we hoping for in the future?

What would we like to see happen in our community? What words that are lovely, noble, excellent, praise-worthy, good and true can we speak into this situation? What new hoped-for situations can we start describing and imagining into words…

Let’s start speaking to one another about what we are creating. This is how visions are birthed, dreams come alive and ideas gain momentum.

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